301: Creating a Realvolve Zap with Zapier.com


This video shows you how to get a Realvolve App invite for Zapier to create zaps. In this example, I create a Zap using a MailChimp Trigger to create a Realvolve Contact.

Create a Zapier Account using this link:

How to Get Started with Realvolve on Zapier

Here are some samples of how to use Zapier with Realvolve


Take a look at these videos here for more details on setting up Zapier with Realvolve!

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    Rachelle Drayton

    Wondering how you would connect realvolve and mailchimp in a team. We send out personalized newsletters each month for our agents on our team. I would like to set up a zap for and new contact that we add the tag newsletter too, to be add to the individual's list with in mailchimp. Is this possible?

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