How to Print Mailing Labels (Video)


This video shows you how to export a list of names that are tagged as 'June Newsletter' to a Google Spreadsheet that can be used to print labels using the Avery Label Merge addon for Google Docs.

Google Account Setup:


Take a look at this video for an updated method on Filtering Contacts!

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    Dewi Fairclough

    I don't see Avery as an add on when exporting to google, and also, when exporting contatcs as in husband and wife do you need to only export the one if their mailing name is mr & mrs soandso on the primary contact?

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    Dewi Fairclough

    Sorry I was missing a step, all good now.
    For Mac users, Use Chrome not Safari

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    Elizabeth Wilson

    Is there a way to check what address is used? We have a couple that have two different address - Like "Home" & "Work" and they need to have the "Work" mailed.

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    Gary Hall

    It exports both.

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    Chalmers Haas

    Exporting to google is failing. Any suggestions?

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