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OnBoard Day 14 - Seller Report Tab

In the previous training I discussed how to enter the basic information about properties that you have listed.  In this session, I will cover the Seller Reports tab which is used for making regular comments to update the seller on your marketing efforts.  Seller report entries can be added by using the ( + ) button in the upper right corner of the Seller Reports tab or by using workflow activities which request updates on a regular basis.  

When entering seller report information manually, select the Type from the drop down menu. Enter the current date as well as the message to the seller.  You can leave the Date sent field blank so that the system can include the message the next time a seller report email is sent. Once the email has been sent, then the date sent field will be entered automatically. Press the Save button once you have completed your entry.

The Type field will be one of the following:

  • Open House
  • Showing
  • Preview By Agent
  • Showing By Agent
  • Agent Tour
  • Activity
  • Ad Call - Homes Magazine
  • Ad Call - Newspaper
  • Ad Call - Postcard
  • Ad Call - Email
  • Ad Call - Web
  • Ad Call - Sign
  • Ad Call - MLS
  • Call - Floor
  • Call - Agent
  • Inquiry By Email
  • Other

Additional information will be displayed on the right side of the tab when selecting one of the BOLD items at the top of the list above relating to showing a property to a contact.  

The Select Contact field allows you to type in a name of a contact.  When typing the system will show a list of names that match.  Pick from the list to assign an existing Contact or enter a new contact name and it will be added to the database. This creates a link between the Contact and the property so you can view which properties a contact has been shown.

Rating allows you to assign a 1-10 rating of the house by the Contact.  Selecting 1 (low rating) to 10 (high rating)  helps you know which properties the contact liked the most.

Feedback is used to record the Contact's comments and feedback on the property that can be reported to the seller.

Agent Note is a personal note to yourself which is not shown to the Seller nor the Showing Contact.


Note: I will discuss this tab again after explaining workflows in more detail.

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    I'm sure Im like most agents and put together properties to see from MLS - here is the big one - I think my mls is like a lot of others and I can create csv file with property info which I would like to import showings for a client (to avoid data entry) and when I want to import properties and setting up transactions would save a lot of time. I can save my MLS TO REALVOLVE export templates when ever I need to bring in information into Realvolve if Realvolve has a mapping of fields function.

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