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OnBoard Day 12 - Activities Tab

Today's training goes over the Activities tab which is similar to the Calendar tab that I discussed yesterday. It shows the activities and tasks in a list format based on its due date.  Activities that are due or past due will show at the top of the list, completed activities will be listed at the bottom.   In the example below, you can see the Listing Appointment that was added in yesterday's calendar training.  Clicking in the Square box to the left of the Activity title will mark the activity as completed and move it to bottom of the list.  

To add an activity in this area, simply click in the box labeled "What do you have to do?"  This will open up an area to enter information for a new Activity.

Enter the information needed for the activity and then click the Create button to add it to the system.  Activities can be added with or without dates/times.  Non-dated items are considered TASKS and automatically synchronized to Google as Tasks if you have Google Sync turned on.  

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    Lauren Herskovic

    What do the stars mean next to activities? When they are blue, half blue, or empty?

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