OnBoard Day 10 - Files Tab

In today's training, I will explain the "Files" tab of Realvolve. You can load Image files, documents, spreadsheets and power point presentations which are associated with the contact.  Use drag and drop into the marked area or click the same location to display the file selection screen to attach the files.  Each file can be classified with a tag as it is loaded by selecting the tag before hand.  Click on the Tags button to choose a filter tag to be displayed and uploaded in the files area.  Choose the Tags option of All will view all files.

Once the file or files have been loaded, you can click on the File name to change it if needed or add a more detailed description of the file. Clicking on the blue icon to the left of the file allows that file to be opened and viewed in a new browser window or tab.  Clicking on the deleteicon.png icon removes the selected file from the assigned contact.

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    Brett Bayless

    Ok - Not sure - what has happened - maybe its pulling info from emails send to rv transaction email. But I have a lot of things that I want to delete. It says I have 475. Some look like duplicates. This is where we need basic computer commands and a display that shows a lot more info on screen. I need to be able to sort date, file type, file name and then be able to do a block selection with shift key (mark beginning and ending of a list) or mark individual sections with control button for deletion. RV too slow for me to delete one at a time. - Will add to feature request.

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