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OnBoard Day 20 - Build an Example Workflow

Now that you have completed the example  New Listing Agreement workflow outlined in the WorkflowTutorial.pdf, you can start working on your own workflow streams.



1) Create a major topic list of things that you do on a regular basis which is repetitive in nature. 


  • New Listings
  • Closings
  • Prospecting
  • etc....

2) Pick one of topics from your list and write it on the top of a separate piece of paper.  Start making a list of everything which must be completed for the selected topic. Take as much time as needed to write everything down until you can't think of anything else... (Don't rush this part of the process)  Once everything is written down then go back and decide when each item must to be completed... (5 days after the listing date, 3 days before closing, etc..).   If an item has a email or message which must be sent, highlight that item to remind yourself to make a template as discussed on Day 17.

3) Repeat step 2 for each topic identified in step 1.

In the next training, you will create the workflows from the action steps above so be sure to complete your lists before tomorrow.

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