OnBoard Day 13 - Adding A Property (Listing)

As a real estate professional, your bread and butter is probably your listing inventory.  Keeping track of property details like the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, Sq Ft and other important information is easy in Realvolve.  Connecting the Sellers, Stager, Photographer and Marketing Assistant from your contact database to the property helps to keep your records organized.  The ability to share all the links to the advertised property, as well as updating your sellers with the latest progress made on marketing their property just a click away.   While that is all very important, the best part of Realvolve, is the ability to use this all this data with the powerful Workflow Streams to make your job easier on a day-to-day basis.  

Adding the Property to Realvolve is similar to the steps you took for contacts in Training 3..  Click on the ( + ) sign in the list view, then choose Property.  This opens a new data entry screen to add your listing information.   Start by entering the address then the Listing Price, Date Listed and Expiration Date which are all located at the top of the screen.  When you leave the Expires On field, the system will ask if you want to add a Listing Expiration activity.  Answer Yes to have Realvolve add the expiration date to your calendar as a reminder.  

In the Listing tab, click on the Add New link to the right of "Board/MLS #" to add the MLS Board and MLS Number.  If the Set as primary option is checked then the MLS Number will be placed in the top section of the screen for reference.   Many agents belong to multiple boards and using the "Add New" allows you to add as many MLS Numbers as needed based for your area.  Only the one selected as primary will be placed in the upper section of the screen. (SEE VIDEO)

Fill in the remaining fields as needed in the Listing tab to complete your property profile. All information in the property profile can be used in templates and workflows.  

Once you have the basic data entered then click on the People tab to select the party members for the property using drag & drop from your contact database or manually enter the contacts if they do not currently exist.  Party member types shown in the list can be customized for Properties and Transactions based on your area. (SEE VIDEO)

Next, click on the Marketing tab to enter the URL address locations of your marketing websites like Realtor.com, Zillow or Trulia and others as well as any marketing taglines or narratives that you might use in blast emails. Each of this information can be include in your email templates by using the appropriate merge fields.  

I will skip the Seller Reports tab for now, it will be discussed in the next email.

The Showings tab allows you to keep the basic information needed to access the property for showings.  It includes the tenant name if not the seller, the Alarm and Gate Codes, Lockbox Number and Shackle Code or Other code if needed.  In addition you can enter specific Directions to the property or Showing instructions.  Again, all of this information can be included in a template for emailing other agents.

The Files, Calendar and Activities tab of a property is exactly the same as the tabs in the Contact section so refer to days 10, 11 and 12 of training for detailed information.

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  • Avatar
    Ren Smith

    Can you add additional fields or change the ones that are there to match your particular MLS board?

  • Avatar
    Martha Moreno

    The property is not saving. I have entered several times already. What am I doing wrong?

  • Avatar
    Scott Carr

    Any chance Realvolve is going to be able to link to the MLS and Listings will be automatically filled in?

  • Avatar
    Gary Hall

    We already do but only if you use IDX Broker as your IDX solution. Down the road we will be adding more IDX solutions.

  • Avatar
    Denise Cardiff

    What is IDX Broker ? as above...

  • Avatar

    Just a note to anyone who does not have IDX Broker. If your mls allows you to create an comma delimited export file (field names on 1st line) of a property that you can save (which my MLS allows), You can bring in property info into RV through import >mapping (properties) and you will want to save that import file for future use.

  • Avatar
    Louis Sahagun

    I use IDX Broker through the Houston Association of Realtors (HAR). Can you verify that I can auto populate my listing data.

  • Avatar
    Gary Hall
  • Avatar
    Christine Potter

    Hi. Still such a newbie to real estate and RealVolve -- and learning on my own. Are there are suggested videos on how to "really" use the marketing tab and what the power of it is? I'm filling in this information...but HOW DO I USE IT to market my property? I'm on such a basic level of RealVolve and am having a hard time turning on my imagination of what I do with all this data.

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