OnBoard Day 07 - View All Contacts

On day 4, I briefly discussed tagging selected contacts in the View All screen.  Today, I will show that screen in more detail.  

Once again, click on the double chevron " >> " next to the Contact count to display the contacts from the list view.  The image below shows the top section of the View All work pane, I've numbered each element to make it easier to describe.

  1. Select Records - This check box selects those records that are loaded into the current view.  The table of contacts only displays a limited number of records at a time to increase load speed in low bandwidth areas. 
  2. Table View - List of contacts in table format of columns and rows.
  3. Grid View - Lists contacts in a grid format which include an Image and the A|B|C|D category.
  4. Add Note - Adds a note to each selected contact.
  5. Add Tags - Adds a tag or tags to each selected contact.
  6. Delete - Deletes each selected contact and puts them in the trash.  (Settings > Trash)
  7. Send Email - Send an email to the selected contacts.
  8. Send to Google - Sends the selected contacts to your Google drive as a spreadsheet. (must have a Google account setup in Settings > My Social Network. This option allows you to print labels or letters using Google Docs.  Printing Labels VideoPrinting Letters Video
  9. Export to CSV - Exports the selected contacts to a Comma Separated Values file.
  10. Select ALL (link) - Selects ALL contacts even if they are not displayed in the current view.
  11. Merge - When 2 or more records are selected which are the same contact this button allows you to merge the data into one record to eliminate duplicates.  (See Video)
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  • Avatar
    Isaac Ramirez

    Looking to merge contacts but I am afraid that a few of my contacts have the same name but yet are different people. Should I avoid doing a automated merge?

  • Avatar
    Gary Hall

    If you mean you are considering using the Merge Wizard in Settings, there is an option to Merge by Email address which is always the better way to go, for the reason you are hesitating.

  • Avatar
    Dennis Hornes

    I'm trying to follow along with this section but I don't have the merge, add tag, add notes, or delete buttons next to all contacts grid view button on the all contacts page. Is it due to my browers?

  • Avatar
    Gary Hall

    Open the drop-down at the end on the right. That was added instead.

  • Avatar
    Sharon Jarrott

    When I click on double chevron the pane above the contacts does NOT show icons for ADD NOTES, ADD TAGS, DELETE on the right side of the pane, there is save letter, send e-Mail, google, a grid icon and 3 bar icon which does not show neither of which I determine the function. What am I missing?

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