OnBoard Day 06 - Social Media Setup

On day 1, I went through the setup process for everything except for the My Social Network section. Now that we've entered a few contacts and have gotten acquainted with the basic elements of organizing the data, we can go back to the settings area and tie up some loose ends. To do this we need to go back to the System Menu in the upper right corner and choose Settings > My Social Network. This section allows you to connect each of your social network accounts to Realvolve. Click on the button for each section to grant access to the social network item.

Note: I'm sure that you are anxious to get contacts imported from your previous system or sync contacts from Google into Realvolve but I'm going to ask that you wait for the training session that covers this very import topic.  The main reason for waiting is that I want to cover as many aspects of the Realvolve as possible in the least amount of time.  After importing data or syncing with Google, users usually get caught up in making sure the data is accurate, which takes time.  There will be plenty of time after you see how that data will be used in the system to make sure everything is entered correctly.  Manually entering a few contacts in the database will help you understand the process better, so hang tight, I will get there... I promise!

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    Frank Minogue

    I have two Facebook accounts, a personal one and a business one for my real estate business. When I link to Facebook, it links only to my personal page, but I want to link to my real estate business page rather than my personal account. How can I do this?

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    Steve Davidson

    I have the same question....I would like both my business and personal accounts linked. How can I do this? Do you recommend using both or just the personal?

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    Denise Cardiff

    Is Facebook disabled permanently?!

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    Gary Hall

    Yes - Both Facebook and LinkedIn terminated their third party data feeds with everyone two years ago. We can link to their pages but that 's it.

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