OnBoard Day 05 - Contact Filters

It's day 5 and you are making progress on getting organized with Realvolve...  

Yesterday's session covered adding tags to contacts which makes it easy to find people, today I will discuss how to Search, View, Filter and Sort those contacts.

In the list view, you will see the large box at the top with the magnifying glass. This field allows you to search for any text in the 6 sections of the system.  

Above, I entered the word " Listing" and Realvolve found 6 Contacts, 10 Properties, 1 Transaction, 2 Documents, 4 Tags and 11 Activities containing the word "Listing".  When you click on any of the icons it will show the list of items that was found in that section.  Clicking on the  button on the right side of the search field will clear the search text and display all the data in each section.

Below the section Icons is the list view heading "Contacts".  This indicates which section you are viewing and the number of contacts currently in the list view.  Click on the double chevron " >> " to view all data in that section in more detail in the work pane area.  The work pane is the right side of the screen where you do most of your work.

Below the list view heading is the Filter section.  Here you can filter your data to limit which records show up in the list view.  The 8 filter buttons are Tag, Category, Record Owner, Record Type, By Referrer, Source Type, Other fields, Dates.  

  • Tags - Any / All / No - Use the options located at the top of the popup list to search for contacts that have "Any" combination of the selected tags, "All" the selected tags must be assigned, or "No" where the only contacts shown are ones that don't have the selected tags.  The "Any" option is usually represented with the word "or", where contacts can have "Tag1" or "Tag2" or Tag3".  As long as a contact has any of the three selected tags, it will be displayed in the list.  The "All" option is like the word "and", where contacts have to have "Tag1" and "Tag2" in order to qualify.   SEE VIDEO
  • Category - [A|B|C|D] - This filter allows you to search for contacts with any category combination of A,B,C or D   SEE VIDEO
  • Record Owner - View just those contacts that are owned by a particular user.
  • Record Type - View just Person or Company contacts.
  • By Referrer - Enter a contact name using this filter to display all contacts in the database that was referred by this person.
  • Source Type - View contacts that came from specific sources.
  • Other fields - Used to find contacts that are missing information in Email, Address and Tags. SEE VIDEO
  • Dates - Search by Birth date, Anniversary, Last Call, Last Visit or Last Note

How to Filter Contacts:   SEE VIDEO

The last item to cover in this training is the SORTING abilities located under the filter options. Currently, there are 4 icons which allow you to pick the sorting methods of F/N: First Name,  L/N: Last Name, Recently Updated and by Category [A|B|C|D].  When you click on a given icon it will show the names in the list view in that order.  SEE VIDEO

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  • Avatar
    Anslie Stokes

    Is there a way to run a search that includes one or more tags but excludes one or more at the same time? For example if I wanted to include all of my 'past buyer' and 'past seller' tags but excluded any contact with a 'do not mail' tag - is that possible?

  • Avatar
    Gary Hall

    Hi Anslie - No there is not but that is a feature we have plans to add eventually. No ETA yet.

  • Avatar
    Chad Meier

    Is there a way to look at/filter out only those leads currently without any A/B/C/D "categories" assigned to them (i.e. not yet rated)? This would help to identify the group of leads that I have neglected to rate recently.

    Edited by Chad Meier
  • Avatar
    Chad Meier

    Also seems as though there should be a "category' (A/B/C/D) column to sort out contacts. Perhaps would be better use of space currently taken up by columns such as "Address" "Phone" "Mobile" etc Is anyone really sorting their contacts by these criteria? If so, are 2 phone number columns vital? Thx in advance for your reply!

    Edited by Chad Meier
  • Avatar
    Gary Hall

    Absent that ability, you can Tag all of the ones that do have Categories with something like "Categorized". Then you could filter for that Tag and click on "No" so it shows you everyone who does not have that Tag,

  • Avatar
    Travis Rosenberry

    I watched the video on how to use filters, but it appears that the blue boxes with the drop downs have disappeared. All I see a a single box to type a filter name in. I am a team admin and need to sort by "record owner" and "SOI". How do I search with two or more filters?

    Thanks in advance.

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