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How to Migrate from IXACT Contact

If you currently use IXACT Contact, you can migrate your contact data to Realvolve quickly and easily in two steps. Export your information from IXACT Contact and import it into Realvolve. 


click on the link below to see step-by-step instructions:


Here is a list of the fields that get imported

IXAct Field Title Realvolve Database Field
Main Contact Title primary_contact_prefix
Main Contact First Name primary_contact_first_name
Main Contact Last Name primary_contact_last_name
Envelope Salutation mailing_name
Home Address1 primary_contact_home_address1
Home Address2 primary_contact_home_address2
Home City/Town primary_contact_home_city
Home State/Province primary_contact_home_state
Home Zip/PostalCode primary_contact_home_zipcode
Home Country primary_contact_home_country
Company Name primary_contact_company
Work  Address1 primary_contact_work_address1
Work Address2 primary_contact_work_address2
Work City/Town primary_contact_work_city
Work State/Province primary_contact_work_state
Work Zip/PostalCode primary_contact_work_zipcode
Work Country primary_contact_work_country
Website primary_contact_home_website
Business Type primary_contact_tags
Job Title primary_contact_title
Main Contact Phone Type 1 primary_contact_phone_type1
Main Contact Phone 1 primary_contact_phone_number1
Main Contact Phone Type 2 primary_contact_phone_type2
Main Contact Phone 2 primary_contact_phone_number2
Main Contact Phone Type 3 primary_contact_phone_type3
Main Contact Phone 3 primary_contact_phone_number3
Main Contact Phone 4 primary_contact_others_phone
Main Contact Phone 5 primary_contact_others_phone
Main Contact Email 1 primary_contact_home_email
Main Contact Email 2 primary_contact_work_email
Main Contact Email 3 primary_contact_others_email
Spouse/Partner Title secondary_contact_title
Spouse/Partner First Name secondary_contact_first_name
Spouse/Partner Last Name secondary_contact_last_name
Spouse/Partner Birth Date secondary_contact_birth_date_combined
Spouse/Partner Phone Type 1 secondary_contact_phone_type1
Spouse/Partner Phone 1 secondary_contact_phone_number1
Spouse/Partner Phone Type 2 secondary_contact_phone_type2
Spouse/Partner Phone 2 secondary_contact_phone_number2
Spouse/Partner Phone Type 3 secondary_contact_phone_type3
Spouse/Partner Phone 3 secondary_contact_phone_number3
Spouse/Partner Phone 4 secondary_contact_others_phone
Spouse/Partner Phone 5 secondary_contact_others_phone
Spouse/Partner Email 1 secondary_contact_home_email
Spouse/Partner Email 2 secondary_contact_work_email
Spouse/Partner Email 3 secondary_contact_others_email
Contact Type primary_contact_tags
Prospect Type primary_contact_tags
Contact Groups primary_contact_tags
Original Source primary_contact_contact_source
Referral Contact primary_contact_referred_by_notes
Main Contact Birth Date primary_contact_birth_date_combined
Wedding Anniversary domestic_relationship_anniversary_date_combined
Religion primary_contact_tags
Pets/Hobbies/Special Interests/Notes primary_contact_notes
Notes primary_contact_notes
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