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If you do a search for Header, Footer or Signature in the template section of Realvolve, you will  notice the addition 3 “Enhanced” versions of the files.  Earlier in the year we incorporated an enhanced template editor which works better for building HTML flyers.   After adding the enhanced template feature, we found that some Signature, Header and Footer templates were getting distorted during the sending of the email.  The problem was a result of using the “Basic” Signature, Header or Footer in an “Enhanced” Template or an “Enhanced” Signature, Header or Footer in a “Basic” email template.   To correct this problem we made copies of your basic signatures and placed them in the 3 files “Signature Enhanced”, “Header Enhanced” and “Footer Enhanced” which will be used when sending an email template that was designed in the enhanced template editor.  Realvolve will continue to use the basic “Signature”, “Header” and “Footer” anytime you send templates that were designed in the basic template editor.  The Enhanced version of the files may need to be edited to look correct but we tried to make them resemble the basic versions as much as possible.


Note:  It is very important that if you delete / recreate the basic Signature/Header/Footer templates that you use the “Basic” template editor and not the “Enhanced” editor.  If you see the word “NEW” to the right of your basic Signature, Header, or Footer template then you may want to recreate it using the basic editor if it doesn’t look correct in your emails.  The “NEW” icon means it was designed in the Enhanced editor.

When making changes to the basic versions of the Signature/Header/Footer templates the system will show a popup reminder to change the enhanced version.  This is simply to remind you to make the same change in both versions.  A similar message will display after making changes to the Enhanced version.  


Anytime you use the merge fields [[Signature]], [[Header]] or [[Footer]] in a template the system will check which version of the editor was used for that template and select the correct Basic or Enhanced version of these 3 files for you automatically.

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