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The Realvolve Dashboard: An Enhanced Look with Increased Performance

The Realvolve engineers have been busy improving the speed and performance of the application inside and out. One area they focused on was the load time of the widgets on the dashboard.  The goal was to reduce the time it takes for each widget to display in order to speed up the overall performance.  While doing this, they decided to give the dashboard a facelift with a much cleaner look.  We’ve added an arrow button to the upper/right corner of the dashboard to hide or show the widgets with one click.  This allows those users that don’t want to see the widgets to quickly eliminate them.  When returning to the dashboard, the system retains the previous setting.



Dashboard Enhancement:

Not only have we improved the looks of the dashboard but we also added an additional widget for team reporting.  Now, those administrative users needing access to the team “numbers” can use new Team Reporting widget to show the YTD Volume, Average Sales Price, YTD Commission, Average Commission, # of Seller Side and Buyer Side Deals for the entire team. 


  • With a click of a button you can quickly see the numbers for the Last Year, Last Month, Last Week and any number of date ranges that you specify.
  • Need to sort the numbers differently?  Simply click on a column title to change the sort column in either ascending or descending order.

Please note that if the User has "Admin" rights (in Settings, Users and Permissions), they can see the Team Reporting. Alternatively, if they do not have Admin rights but you would like them to see the Team numbers, there is a "Team Report" checkbox in the "Users and Permissions".



The Widget wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of configuration.  Not every member of your team is a producing agent so we’ve given you the ability to select which users are displayed on the Team Reporting widget as well as which columns you want displayed.


We’ve also included a print feature on Team Reporting to quickly get the numbers on hard copy.


Performance Facts:

  • Client side graph rendering to reduce back and forth communication between the server which increases the performance by 2-3 seconds.
  • Removed animation feature which slowed the display.
  • Reduced the YTD Volume graph load time from 1.5 seconds to 300 milliseconds
  • Team Reporting widget is completely cached and only loads when needed.
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