201: How to setup Signatures for templates

Insert the merge field:  [[Signature]]   into any template in order to include your personal signature in that template.    To setup your signature find/create the template that has the title of:  "Signature" and make changes as needed.  

See the video below for step-by-step details:



This video shows how to setup a basic signature template that can be used in other email templates that uses the merge field [[Signature]].

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  • Avatar
    Jodi Rabinowitz

    How do you change the line spacing. I do not see this option and when I hit the return there is too much spacing between the lines of the signature.

  • Avatar
    Dave Crumby

    Hi Jodi - Hit SHIFT-ENTER for single space.

  • Avatar
    page huyette

    If I have multiple signatures, can I also use a merge field of [[Signature2]] and so on, or can only one be used with merge fields.

  • Avatar
    Jackie Freed

    I was wondering the same thing as Page above - what is the Merge Field code for the additional email signatures?

  • Avatar
    Gary Hall

    Only one. The only one that the system recognizes is [[signature]]

  • Avatar
    Kelly Grant

    I am confused by the statement that the system recognizes "only one" which is [[signature]]
    What would be the point of setting up different signature options if it is only going to recognize [[signature]] Does that mean that the initial introductory email cannot be sent from a merged signature specified with the contact information for the closing coordinator and Agent, such as Signature2Debbie&Kelly ?

  • Avatar
    Gary Hall

    [[Signature]] note the upper case 'S' is the only one that can be used. It can be different for each user. There is no option for multiple signatures yet. The [[Signature]] is used for the system signature.

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